Afrofuturism & Quilts – Exhibition

The Afrofuturism & Quilts exhibition is hosted by the Michigan State University Quilt Index’s Black Diaspora Quilt History Project. The exhibition is on display in the Union Gallery at Michigan State University (MSU) from April-June 2024. In this exhibition quiltmakers and quilt scholars explore embodied and theoretical connections between Afrofuturism and quilt making. Each piece in the exhibition explores aspects of included quiltmakers’ identities and experiences, as well as their beliefs, hopes, and imaginings of a liberated Afrofuture. The work of local and national quilt artists are showcased. Artists include: April Shipp, Dr. Elka Stevens, Janda Lipker & Rebecca Lipker, Carole Lyles Shaw, Dr. Diana Baird N’Diaye, Chiquita Whitfield, & Dr. Liv Furman. This exhibition is curated by Dr. Liv Furman, with special thanks to Dr. Julian Chambliss.


Apr 5, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024


12:00 pm - 5:00 pm




MSU Union Art Gallery
40 Abbot Rd Rm 230 East Lansing, MI 48823 USA
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