Spirituality and Public Life; Inaugural Annual Keynote by Professor Philip Sheldrake

MSU Foglio Lecture Series on Spirituality

Inaugural Annual Keynote by Professor Philip Sheldrake

The concept of “spirituality” means far more than simply spiritual practices such as meditation. “Spirituality” stands for everyday lifestyles that express a vision of our human existence and an aspirational approach to the meaning and conduct of human life. Importantly, “spirituality” also relates to the fact that human life is fundamentally social and corporate in nature rather than purely individual and inward looking. Hence, there is a deep and essential connection between “spirituality” and “public life” – our shared life in society which is a space of encounter, communication and shared responsibilities. This talk will explore the most critical public values and virtues and how they may be effectively cultivated.

This will be a virtual event.


Feb 9, 2022


12:00 pm


Online Event
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