Writing and Pedagogy Series: Conferencing

Faculty Guest: Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick; Graduate Guests: Soohyun Cho and Madiha Ghous

Conferencing is essential to making your voice heard in your field/ area of specialization. You can network with the major academics as well as with the upcoming scholars at national and international conferences. Nurturing these connections is essential to professionalization in academia. Conferences also help to improve the quality of your research. In fact, when you present your work in a panel, you receive feedback, and quite often, you engage in conversations with other scholars, whose research is linked to your own. Besides these potential professional benefits, conferences offer opportunities to forge friendships that can lead to future collaborative works inside and outside of academia. In this workshop, we will discuss: how to look for CFPs, how to write an abstract, making connections at conferences, how to write a conference paper, etc.


Feb 11, 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Online Event
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